Service Items

Service Items

International AI & Blockchain Consortium (iABC)

Service Items

Expend the Collaboration between Industry and Academia

iABC provides experimental AI and blockchain platforms, grounds (hospitals and factories) and technology consulting services on health care. iABC works with laboratories and research units from universities and research institutes to provide consultations for domestic industries.

Introduce International Opportunities

iABC has a well-established international network in academia; and has been assisting domestic industries to participate in international produce presentations and competitions. iABC has also been introducing international collaborating projects and facilitate international promotions.

Provide Consultation on Securing Funding and Investments

iABC has a group of diverse and professional experts to provide highly-customized consultations to businesses. iABC works with businesses to plan and obtain the research funding from the government or the investments from angel funds, industries or venture capitals.

Incubate and Recruit Talents

iABC is building a AI and blockchain knowledge database that encompasses industrial trends, latest technologies, and a talent database for recruiting the best talents based on businesses’ requirements. iABC also offers training courses and talks on latest trends and practical skills of the field as continual education.

Function as a Think Tank

iABC built a AI and Blockchian international workshop platform for communications between leaders and experts of the field. iABC also periodically publish reports on latest trends and white papers to supply the industry with the most up-to-date information.