Asia University Working Together with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Paving the Way for AI.

Executives of Asia University led by President Tsai is visiting Nanyang Technological University, Singapore on a benchmarking learning trip of world top 100 universities, making a start on mutual academic collaborations.

President Jeffery Tsai ( 4th from left ) heads Asia University delegation paying a visit to the College of Information Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

Asia University, Taiwan has proposed the vision : Going World Top 500 by 2020, in the consensus camp held in the academic year 106. To accomplish the vision takes innovative thinking and effective implementation in order to enhance the effect of globalization. Faculty and students are encouraged to go to world top 100 elite universities for benchmarking learning. To attain the goal of Going World Top 500, President Jeffery Tsai led senior executives to Singapore for the first stop of world top 100 universities benchmarking trip to Nanyang Technological University from11/8~11/10. They were warmly received by Vice President Lam-khin Yong, Vice President Er-Meng Hwa and other faculty members, starting a new chapter for mutual academic collaborations between Asia University and Nanyang Technological University.

Seventy percent of the teachers in Nanyang Technological University, NTU, Singapore are international scholars. The effect of globalization can be shown from their high-calibre research results and progressing world university rankings. Nanyang Technological University has another thing that Asia University can draw lessons from. NTU’s 5-year Peak of Re-search Excellence is at its 2020 stage. Five areas of peak excellence re-search have be planned, one of them is future learning. Vice President Zhen-Hua Yang of Asia University, who was with the delegation, said, except No. 1 in overall ranking in Asia, Nanyang Technological University’s world rankings in certain research areas are also prominent, with School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ranked at world No. 3, and ranked at world No. 2 in AI.

A joyful meeting between President Jeffery Tsai ( left ), Asia University, and Vice President Er-Meng Hwa, Nanyang Technological University

Vice President Er-Meng Hwa, Nanyang Technological University, stressed, the university places great emphasis on learning science. With that in mind, both sides decided to continue exchanges on learning science, especially putting AI applications on education and publishing pa-pers.

President Jeffery Tsai also explained that Asia University has been dedicating to educational innovation. Students in their first year at the univer-sity are required to take programming language, and PBL is blended in courses of all years in order to develop students’ ability of critical thinking as well as problem-solving skills. President Tsai went on, Asia University is taking this opportunity to invite Prof. Xiaokui Xuao, associate dean of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to Asia University for an academic exchange visit and hosting AI Forum III. The world top 100 universities benchmarking trip for Asia University was a short but fruitful, taking a big step further for Asia University to reach the goal: Going World Top 500 by 2020.

President Tsai and the Asia University delegation took a tour of the 3D Printing Center at Nanyang Technological University, with Center Director Prof. Chee-Kai Chu giving a receiving presentation. The center consists of a team of 49 professors and 31 full-time researchers. Currently 103 doctoral and 65 master’s degree students are committed to research. The research lineup is solid and strong and their areas include future manufacturing, aviation, architecture, ocean, biomedicine, food engineer-ing, and their advanced applications. According to Prof. Chua, who was also invited by President Tsai for a visit to Asia University, the development and medical application results of iABC’s 3D Printing Center was impressive, and he will discuss topics with Asia University’s 3D Printing Center for further collaboration.

The delegation of Asia University also paid a visit to the School of Chemi-cal and Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, and reached an agreement with Dr. I-Hsin Su, an expert on post protein methylation medication and Dr. Hoi-Yeung Li, an expert on regulation of cell division. Dr. Chi-Yang Huang, dean of Research and Development, Asia University also invited the two experts to visit to Asia University in the near future, discussing the details and schedule for academic collabora-tion. Dr. Kristen Sadler, dean of Research and Development, Nanyang Technological University promised Dean Huang to provide funds for fu-ture joint research projects to start off closer academic exchange of the two universities.

Furthermore, as directors of both Big Data Center and Blockchain Re-search Center, Vice President Grace Lin had deep discussion with the professors representing School of Information and School of Manage-ment about the applications of AI and big data on health care, new retail-ing, fintech and related joint research issues. Vice President Grace Lin al-so talked with Vice President Khin-Yong Lam of Nanyang Technological University, who is full support of Senior Citizen Welfare Center, about possible collaborations. Professors at Nanyang Technological University are planning a reciprocal visit to Asia University to discuss details for fur-ther collaboration.

President Jeffery Tsai and members of the delegation having an academ-ic discussion with Vice President Er-Ming Hua, Nanyang Technological University and others