iABC Jointly Offering the First Practical AI Training Course with Taipei Computer Association, and Fusion360.

Today AI is a must-know leading technology. In order to develop AI talents, iABC has worked together for the first time with Taipei Computer Association and Fusion360 to offer practical AI training course, which starts with the principles of AI, to be followed with Python language, TensorFlow hands-on operation and practice of industry cases to allow students to understand AI through clear and in-depth explanation.

With the business intelligence enabled by big data and AI’s and the security, privacy, and smart contract given by blockchain, there are great opportunities for innovative business models. The aim of founding iABC is to involve the academy and industry all over the globe so as to create a better world using modern rising technology, based on an open ecological circle system. The research team from iABC is delighted to work with information scientists and management science professionals through conducting research projects in new health, new retailing, and new fintech, hoping to make a step forward on techniques and innovation and connecting Taiwan’s AI and blockchain with the world.

The business operations of AI and blockchain related technology and applications are booming abroad while similar investments are few in Taiwan. And that is why iABC was founded, hoping to lend support to operators, with its solid research capability and academic resources, to push ahead with the upgrade and transformation of their services and techniques. Dr. Grace Lin, vice president of Asia University, also appealed those companies who are interested in new health, new retailing, and new fintech to join iABC, and set an outstanding example as an independent, favorable collaboration of the academy and the industry. The Practical AI Training Course offered by iABC together with Taipei Computer Association and Fusion360 from 5/26 to 5/27 received great response from over 10 corporations and it will plant the seeds for iABC’s talents development plan.