Asia University International AI & Blockchain Consortium Teams up with INFORMS, the First Time Ever, Sponsored by Nearly Twenty Corporations of Different Fields, Making Taiwan the Center of International Attention.

Asia University International AI & Blockchain Consortium Teams up with INFORMS, the First Time Ever, Sponsored by Nearly Twenty Corporations of Different Fields, Making Taiwan the Center of International Attention.

Asia University iABC Teams up with 2018 INFORMS, Co-sponsored by Nearly 20 Corporations, Making Taiwan the Center of International Attention.

Supported by Ministry of Science and Technology as part of the program of Global Research & Industry Alliance, GLORIA, Asia University International AI & Blockchain Consortium, iABC, held the 2018 International INFORMS Conference together with INFORMS, which is the world largest institute of OR, analytics, and AI. The conference was scheduled from 2018/6/17 to 2018/6/20 at the Taipei International Convention Center.

AI, Key to the Fourth Wave of Technological Innovation

as Dr. Nicholas Hall, president of INFORMS, expressed, INFORMS is an international institute that weighs equally on both academia and industry.  In the era of big data, providing solutions through effective use of analytics can save not just cost, even lives. INFORMS is currently having members in over 90 nations around the world, and is on its way to reach the target of 100 nations. As Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, deputy minister  of Ministry of Science and Technology, addressed in the opening ceremony, “The fourth wave of technological innovation led by AI is currently underway; whether for new ventures or industry transformation, AI is no doubt the key.”

Thanks to Dr. Grace Lin, vice president of Asia University and 2018 INFORMS conference general chair, elite scholars and national academicians were invited to deliver more than 40 keynote speeches, and nearing 1,000 papers were published in the conference. According to Dr. Lin, Asia University has been dedicating to international academic exchange, and hopefully Asia University iABC may look out for strategic partners on the occasion of this event. Top scientists all over the world have gathered in the conference that brought in tremendous energy for the development of academia and industry alike. In the meantime, it is also hoped that this will be an opportunity to open up channels for international cooperations through GLORIA.


AI, Critical in Initiating an Industrial Revolution

Renowned scholars and industry experts such as Prof. Chris Tang of UCLA, Dr. John Buzacott, also known as the Father of Smart Manufacturing, Prof. Ed Kaplan of Yale University. Perf. David Yao of Columbia University, Prof. Shmuel S. Oren of UC Berkley, Prof. Ramayya Krishnan dean of Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University, Prof. Lan Khin Yong, vice president of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Prof. Ling Sam, dean of academic affairs at Nanyang Technological University all share a common view that AI and analytics are critical in industrial revolution and creating a better life.

In addition to top scholars worldwide, well-known international corporations like IBM, SAS, LinkedIn, Johnson Control, UPS, Ford, MicroSoft, Uber, Experian all came to Taiwan to share their expertise and knowledge about OR, analytics, recent AI development, and how to apply innovation on smart supply chain, intelligent agriculture, smart energy, smart manufacturing, smart finance, and smart healthcare rendering a significant exchange opportunity.

Industries Domestic and Abroad, AI Spells Business

The 2018 INFORMS hosted the Future Finance and Healthcare Hackathon for the first time and a forum specially on women of the technology industry. The events both received great response and were sponsored by institutions and universities such as Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan FinTech Association, Taipei Medical University, Yuanta Financial Holdings, Yuanta Culture and Education Foundation, DBS Bank, Niwodai, Fusions360, SAS, AMPL, IBM, UBC, UT Dallas, City University of Hong Kong, University of Notre Dame, BNY Mellon, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Grace Lin, vice president of Asia University and the 2018 INFORMS general chair stated, the hackathon, attracted 30 teams from domestic and abroad, was an English-only competition judged by international reviewers. It was a great occasion when scholars and industry experts was able to witness the creativity and communication ability of students in Taiwan, and hopefully to encourage them to come to Taiwan again so as to promote more international exchange.

The competition sparked off innovative ideas in areas like applied computer science, big data analytics, AI application on fintech, and healthcare. The winner “Block Fit” walked away with US$10,000 prize money, exclusively sponsored by Yuanta Financial Holdings and Yuanta Culture and Education Foundation. The winning team put together health, finance, and insurance to motivate people to work out and change their way of life so that they can improve health and living quality, and at the same time get financial benefit from health insurance. As the team name manifested itself, “Block Fit” blended in the concept of blockchain to save and share personal health care, an cross-domain applied innovation from the  health category.

iABC expected to, by means of holding the hackathon, attract foreign industry experts, cultivate talents in AI and blockchain fields, and eventually inspire more elite corporations to join the consortium where members will get a chance to watch and learn to innovate, raise capital and recruit new talents.